Dana C. Anglund

Osteopath D.O.
In diesem Interview widmen wir uns den fünf Körpern und den Unterschieden zwischen Bewusstsein, aktive und passive Aufmerksamkeit, sowie Intention. Auch das Konzept der Fulkren in der Diagnosestellung ist ein Thema.
Dana C. Anglund

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  • Rudolf Merkel

    Hi Dana,
    thank you for your great talk about your great theapeutic work.

    you were explaining the Testing by the PRM. Is this a Testing like Kinesiology. If Yes what is the diffenrenz.
    to tell you my feeling about Testing:
    Testing seems to be the easy way – but No, I have to feel it.

    Or did I misunderstand your idea of „Testing“.

  • Hi Rudolf,

    Wonderful question. There are MANY ways to get the needed information. When we ask a question, we are „testing.“ Kinesiology is one way of doing this. In the Kinesiology system, muscle strength is usually the indicator for a yes/no response. But you can ask the question in many ways, and you may use many different indicators to get your response. Some people use a pendulum. Some people use muscle strength. Some people us the PRM.

    I like to teach „Energy Testing“ in a way that can use any of the possible indicators.
    But many intuitive people can just feel/sense/know the answer without needing any indicator.

    Be well,
    Dana C. Anglund, DO

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